The Authors

My name is Laci. My husband Matt and I decided to create this site after years of feeling outnumbered and at odds with the general population around us. We live in New Orleans, which itself is a melting pot of ideas and culture, but the majority of its inhabitants are Christians, both Protestant and Catholic. We identify as “atheists,” which is as dirty a word as “rapists” here. This word has baggage and we use it sparingly, and only around people who we think won’t immediately dismiss us and make dozens of assumption as to what that means about our character.

To be “atheist” only means that you do not believe any gods exist. That’s it. We don’t substitute god with voodoo, numerology, cults, or hatred for the devout. We used to be believers, so we completely understand their position. We would never condemn them for their beliefs. We simply wish to be treated with the same respect.

Let me be clear, I am NOT making the claim that a god does not exist. I only that I think it’s unlikely given the evidence I have found in my search. Please understand, I go where the evidence leads. I only want to know what is true and real and right. I will always be open to any evidence that is contrary to my current understandings. I am not dogmatic in my atheism, I have not picked a side… I’m simply trying my best to be honest about the side of the fence on which I sit.

Our Personal Stories

Laci’s Story

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Matt’s Story

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